I have had the privilege of meeting Cathy though 2017’s Meals 4 Monologues event. Through this event, I fortunately developed a working relationship with Cathy and her team at Chez Casting. Working with Cathy has been extremely life changing! In an industry where authenticity and understanding towards actors/creatives can be hard to come by, Cathy breathes a refreshing breathe of genuine care into it. You can tell from the moment you meet her, that she is real, genuinely cares about what’s best for you and desires leaving an impact of empowerment with you . That amplifies when you work with her one on one or in a group/class setting. Her intentionality is something that is truly one of a kind that you will not find anywhere else. Yes, she will help you find the best parts of you as an artist and bring it forward, but she also keeps it real and doesn’t sugar coat anything. She cares so much that yes she strives to see you succeed, but refuses to set you up for failure. She also is well versed in making things relatable and relevant for you no matter if you’re green or a veteran in the industry. On top of all that, she KNOWS what she’s talking about and knows the ins and outs of our industry. Her level of expertise and wisdom she brings to the table is truly unrivaled; she not only understands our market here in Atlanta, but she also has a deep understanding of the LA and NYC markets in both Film/TV and Theatre – as well as being very plugged in with those markets. I am not one blow hot smoke, nor to waste my time, money and resources. The fact being that this industry is so cut throat and survival of the fittest at times, I am very cautious and intentional on where and who I choose to invest my time, money and resources with. Hands down, investing with Cathy will be one of the best choices you made in furthering your career in this industry. There are a lot of wanna-be’s in our business, out to take advantage of actors/artist, but rest assured Cathy ain’t one of them! FRANK OAKLEY III (Atlanta – rep PRIVILEGE)

I am so incredibly grateful for Cathy Reinking’s coaching! I met her two years ago for two workshops she taught in Denver. Two on-screen auditioning sessions, as well as her invaluable charisma coaching.With each workshop, I could tell I was opening up as an actor and able to tune in to those subconscious blocks I hadn’t fully acknowledged until she pointed them out on screen. Fast forward to the past four months I’ve been working with Cathy privately in distance learning sessions. I feel fully prepared, thanks to her! From my promotional materials, my newly edited reel she provided for me, to the markets I need to work within. I am more at peace and in tune with the characters I’m portraying for auditions and on set, because Cathy has fine-tuned my approach to the point I’m now free to express in absolutely, positively the most authentic delivery I ever imagined! Her expertise and reputation in this industry are paramount, and here’s the reason why: She loves us. She’s doing soul work, in my humble opinion. And she wants nothing more than to see every one of us connect to the magnificent projects streaming on television and movies now — which are true-to-life. Cathy has helped me celebrate every aspect of who I am and whom I observe in this beautiful world. I feel fully prepared, thanks to her! T A M A R A   H U T C H I N S  –  Actress Mitchell + Associates Talent – New Mexico Radical Artists Agency – Colorado

Cathy is one of the best acting coaches I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with.  Her nick name should be ‘Eagle Eye’ as she has an uncanny ability to instantly see what an actor is lacking.  At first glance, distance and time seemed to pose a threat and fall on shaky ground as I worked with Cathy Remotely being on the east coast.  But for all of those with raised eyebrows who might question this practice, I assure you that it was anything but!  It truly felt as though she was in the room with me pointing out the missed beats, and lost emotions that my characters’ demanded in any of the given scenes.  What’s most encouraging and gratifying is that she doesn’t allow you walk away with being just a good actor.  She demands that you are brilliant at every attempt, as the business demands one to be brilliant among fierce competition.  Cathy is a hidden gem in a business where many coaches claim to deliver, but come up short, ultimately, leaving you feeling lost and empty. HENRY BAZEMORE JR.  (Atlanta – rep AMT) Homeland, The Resident, Good Behavior, Halt and Catch Fire