Reinking’s Travels

(Written in 2014) I just returned from an emotional trip to Germany in which I met many Survivors and their families.  Each and every person that was part of the large group (80+) had a disturbing story to tell and with each new tale I cried all the more.  These are all special people, and […]

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Meditation on Media Images

Like all of us artists/activists – folks who want to make positive change in the world – we have so many things we’re juggling – relationships with a significant other, generating income, having time to ourselves, cooking-cleaning-health, the list is endless really. And I have a predilection of saying “yes!” to a lot of things […]

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The Hustle

“What am I doing wrong?” “How can I get to the next level?” “Why did so-and-so get that role and not me?” I hear these statements constantly. It’s negative chatter and that needs to stop, otherwise, you will get so frustrated, you will become a miserable, sour person who annoys everyone around you.   (Take me as an example.  I’m a very strong casting director with 24 years under my belt who now works alongside the doyenne of casting in the southeast, Shay Griffin, but there is such a stronghold in this region by one casting company that gets nearly everything in this booming market, we are without a casting job and have been for months. Do I complain and wallow in my own self-pity?  Well, maybe for a few minutes . . but then I reinvent myself and my workshop/class offerings with all the many talents I have. I’m thriving in my new endeavors, and frankly, feel more authentic in what I do and how I touch people’s lives.)

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The Hustle

Being an Actor, Entrepreneur, Leader is not for the faint of heart. It’s for those who have a lot of heart – who truly want to make a difference, not only in their own lives or communities but out in the world at large. Those who are willing to reveal their whole soul – the dark and the light. Those who constantly get-out-of-the-box.

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My Theory of Charisma

I’ve come to realize, because of all the hours I’ve spent in the Audition Room with some of the top actors, that the key ingredients to the Art of Charisma are self-knowledge and balance. In order to tap into the full power of your individual charisma, you absolutely must know who you are and then have the ability to reveal that true self in the hot seat. If you aren’t brave enough to look deep within in order to truly know and accept who you are, then you most likely won’t be a very good leader, speaker, fill-in-the-blank.

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The Unsung Heroes

Actors, stop complaining about not booking enough jobs, or worse, blaming your agent for it.   It’s “tough” for everyone in the industry.  But we do it because we love it.  So go out there and be in a play or create your own content or be in an improv show.  But keep an optimistic, enthusiastic outlook, and you’ll be fine.

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Make Us Feel Something

Don’t intellectualize the material, emotionalize it.  As an actor, the only thing you can play is emotions. It’s the only thing the audience responds to, really.  You think we’re attracted to hot bodies?  No. We’re attracted to a strong emotional inner life.  

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