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Cathy Reinking’s ‘How to Book Acting Jobs in TV and Film’ 2nd edition is one of the most generous gifts a veteran casting director can give to young actors. It is a book that you will want to read multiple times because her advice is so relevant and personalized and modernized. Her book is brimming with never-before-told tidbits and factoids about the ever-evasive audition room: how to shine in “The Room” and how to own it. As a classically trained actor based in NYC with more theater work under my belt than TV and film work, it was a such a joy to read about how much love Ms. Reinking has for actors and our craft. The personal touches she gives to this book about her experiences casting but also her experiences as an audience member radiate through the pages. Ms. Reinking’s book gave me life and light and made the idea of “The Room” feel so much more accessible and approachable. Thank you for this gift. It will certainly keep on giving.   Nike Kadri, actress