5 Things I Learned Doing Stand Up

1) I admire performers of any kind even more than I already did, which was a lot.  You truly are brave souls, revealing your dark and light in order to share stories.  It’s a very raw experience.

2) Stories are exciting. Others want to hear what you’re about. What’s your POV. Where do you come from.  Sharing in an authentic is the connectivity we all need.

3) Don’t let the one hate cancel out all of the oceans of love.  You put yourself out there in a public way, especially if you post the video on social media, so you’re bound to get some hate.  But actually getting it is so shitty it makes you want to crawl into a hole and never do it again.  But I did get a lot of love, and that’s been fantastic primarily cause you are connecting with others and that’s really the reason for living.

4) I need to finally get over feeling self-conscious about myself and how I look.  Dogged me my whole life. Let’s be rid of this shackle, shall we?

5) Telling funny stories is a lot more fun than telling sad ones. If you can take your sad stories and make them funny, in a good way, that is enlightening to others. It makes you feel you can truly #changethemovieschangetheworld I’m feeling that way right now.

It’s such a good outlet for me. And makes me an even better teacher and casting director and general lover of the performing arts.

(See below for the full video of my Debut)