Cathy Explains Charisma Coaching on the Radio

On Tuesday, September 4, 2018, and I had the great privilege and honor to be interviewed by John Ray and Mike Sammond of North Fulton BusinessRadioX.

Here’s a link to the full podcast and below please find a partial transcript 

Mike:  What does your business do exactly?

Cathy: I help businesses create authentic marketing videos (along with Trenton Carson at TC Videos), I do live presentation coaching, I run Charisma Coaching Workshops,  team building and organic marketing messages that don’t sound scripted.  That’s the general overview, but it goes deeper than that.

Mike: Yes, you go deeper than that because of your experience.  Can you tell us about your experience that lead you to this point and what makes you different from other folks who do what you do.

Cathy: I’m a casting director and I spent 12 years in the upper echelon of Network television. I worked in all the different Networks, when there were only 5 networks.  Fox, NBC, CBS, The CW.

Mike: Drop some of the names you’ve worked with.

Cathy:  Well, I worked on “Frasier” for 8 years, so Kelsey Grammer, and on that show I got to work with James Earl Jones, Michael Keaton, and John Glenn.  You name it. It was quite a parade of people. I also worked on “According to Jim,” “Arrested Development,” and I oversaw the casting for the pilot of “The Office.”

Mike: So you’re almost bringing the glamour to the business community in a way?

Cathy:  No.  No glamour.  I’m bringing authenticity because good acting is not putting on an “act,” it is not being glamorous.  It’s getting Real and Authentic.

Mike: That’s a great answer to a horrible question.


John:  How do you teach the qualities that make a good actor or a good leader? (Genuinely interested in the other person, humble, doesn’t dominate the conversation, good listener, not arrogant, etc.) That could be hard for those that don’t already have that in them, like humility for example.

Cathy: I strongly believe that all people have those qualities within them, but because of a business persona you have to “put on,” or wanting to be someone you are not, pretending because that’s what society has told you.  So it’s stripping away what your veneer is and getting to the real you, which is usually a great person.

John: So they’ve had the persona on for so long, they’ve forgotten the real person.

Cathy:  So I help you find the real person.  I push people. I’m not easy with them.  If they are boring or uninteresting or droning on about their own stuff, I will call them on it.  And I haven’t been kicked out of any rooms yet, so I guess I’m doing okay.

John:  You alluded to the notion that the qualities of a great leader are the qualities of a great actor.  Unpack that for us.

Cathy: It’s having self-knowledge, and then connecting with that in everything that you do.  It’s also about being a balanced person of dark and light.  A good actor is not just light qualities.  That would be a very boring audition or a performance.  Having only dark qualities is repellant.   So it’s really finding your light and dark quality balance.  That’s what I help people do.


Mike:  Some of the best leaders have that Charisma about them. You want to follow them.  Is that something that can be taught, or is that something you’re born with. 

Cathy: I think (charisma) can be unearthed.  That’s what I do. That’s my expertise. 

Cathy: And I’ve seen people transform.  It’s beautiful.