A Salon to Share Stories





We are everyday men and women. We struggle. We survive.  We find hope amidst chaos. We piece words together.

With all the negative stereotype images and talk, we all need something different. 

A Storytelling Event with Moving Images, Song, Sketches, New Works.

As the latest session of In my Shoes was winding down, I was overwhelmed with how much I had enjoyed this latest experience.  The stories, the not-your-Mother’s poetry, the live music, the comedy and assortment of wonderfully open and delightful performers and audience filled my soul.  There is no other way to describe it….over the course of a few hours I laughed, cried, empathized, related and digested a veritable feast for my soul.   – Virginia Kirby, Peachtree City, GA



Cuts through the day to day defenses and facades, to get to the soul of the human being inside.  

By giving you a glimpse of the world In My Shoes, we discover how close and connected we truly are.  

Join us in a heartfelt, joyous evening/afternoon of diverse voices and ages

Spoken word events are one of the finest ways to listen to storytelling and connect with diverse people. The expressions of the artists are rhythmic in sound, deep in emotions and spoken from the heart of experience.” – Raquel Lett-Anderson, Atlanta, GA

I really enjoyed Cathy Reinkings’ In My Shoes Spoken Word event! Filled with music, friends, funny stories and brunch was a wonderful weekend afternoon delight!!” – Sherry Richards, Atlanta




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Photos from our Last Show on Feb. 9, 2019 – Photo Credit KURT YUE 

Left me speechless and that’s hard to do”, – Chris Short, Atlanta

Between tears and laughter, I found it hard to catch my breath”, – Susie England, Atlanta.

So unique and refreshing. Please do it again.” – Dwayne Collins, Atlanta


NEXT EVENT - Saturday, February 22, 2020
Noon - 3pm
Apres Diem Restaurant 
931 Monroe Dr. NE 
Atlanta, GA  30308